Urgent Care

Tangier’s automatic scheduling and provider request functions work seamlessly to create schedules fast and easily.


Scheduling physicians, APCs, lead techs and administrative staff, often across multiple locations.


Set weekly rotation templates to account for repeating scheduling patterns, such as 3 days on, 3 days off over the course of any period of time.

Use general recurrence templates to schedule providers to work alternating weekends and specific shifts on specific days (e.g., Day shifts Mon, Wed and Fri). 

Link multiple Urgent Care centers in Schedule Groups that allow them to be simultaneously scheduled. Tangier preferences can set the parameters of where and when providers can work across multiple sites.

Allow your providers to assign themselves to open shifts after a schedule’s been published, with automatic e-mail notifications sent to designated administrative contacts.

Limit off requests by type – PTO, vacation, CME – and number per defined period (monthly, calendar year, etc.).

Integrate Tangier into your payroll processes. Enter pay rates, differentials, and bonuses for a location, individual providers, and/or specific shifts. Track provider overtime using Tangier’s Sign In/Out feature. Export reports can provide pay data with any changes made by an administrator or providers accounted for.

Web service allows you to import credentialing information to Tangier and export data for payroll.

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