Provider View Introduction

 Provider View Introduction

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Help Topic

The Tangier Sky Provider View allows providers to display their Personal Calendar, Location Schedules and the Request Calendar, and perform various schedule-related tasks, such as entering off requests and swapping shifts.


Provider View defaults to the Personal Calendar, a view of the current month and all its events (assigned shifts, off time, etc.)…

To the far right of the screen, you can select Agenda view...

Agenda lets you switch to a “planner-style” view that displays the next 30 days of your calendar from the current date. (The start date for Agenda can be changed using the Calendar icon.)

  • Email - From which you can send email to other providers and location administrators.
  • Share – Offers step-by-step instructions on how to subscribe to your Personal Calendar on other calendar programs.
  • Reports – Allows you to change the format for printing your Personal Calendar and Location Schedules.
  • Help – Links to the Tangier support center.
  • Print – Print a copy of your Personal Calendar or the Location Schedule.

You can view your Personal Calendar, Location Schedules, or the Request Calendar. Switching between the three views is done via a series of tabs at the upper left of the screen...

You have several options for navigating in Tangier:
1- Use the back and forward arrows to move from month-to-month.
2 - Select the Calendar icon to pick a specific date to move to that month.
3 - The Today button will return you to the current month.

Use Display Settings to select what you want to see on your Personal Calendar. For example, you can filter the options to show only your assigned shifts on the calendar.

Clicking or tapping a date on the calendar displays a menu from which you can add off requests, shift requests, and personal events for the chosen date. You also can access help for these tasks from the menu.

A context-based menu appears when selecting an assigned shift. From this menu, you can view the shift details, initiate a swap out of the shift, sign in/out to adjust your worked hours, split the shift, and access help for these tasks.