Scheduler View Introduction

 Scheduler View Intro

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Welcome to the Tangier Sky Scheduler View, a faster, better-looking and easier-to-use version of the Tangier Web Admin Calendar. Before taking a more detailed look at how to use the new Scheduler View, the two biggest changes to note are the addition of context-based menus and a new Provider List.

Context-Based Menus for Scheduling Tasks

Clicking a shift now displays a menu to select a scheduling task, such as assigning and removing a provider, adjusting hours, finding eligible providers, etc. Context menus are used on the Schedule and Requests pages and replace the New Task box.

Schedule Task Context Menus





Requests Context Menu


Provider List

The Schedule page Provider List is now accessed via an icon on the tool bar, replacing the drop-down selection menu. More details about working with the Provider List can be found below.


Navigating the Scheduler View


Page Navigation Tabs

Access the Schedule, Requests and Time & Accounting pages via the tabs at the upper left of the screen.


Location and Group Views

Switch between Location view and (Schedule) Group view by clicking on the drop-down.


Calendar Navigation


Schedule Page Tool Bar

Location selection: Click the field or drop-down arrow to switch to a different location. (NOTE: The same drop-down is available in the Group View.)

Location search: Opens a search dialog to search for and select a location that’s not part of the current location group.

Period selection: Click the field or drop-down arrow to switch to a different period or add a new period.

Providers: Click to open the Provider List to assign providers to shifts.

Printer: Quickly format the schedule for printing and e-mailing.

Refresh: Refreshes the schedule on the screen after changes have been made by another user or in Tangier EPS.

Shift Group Filter: Click to select specific shift groups (nights, weekends, etc.) to display on the schedule.

Clear: Clear schedule of all shift assignments.

Other Tangier features can be found at the upper right of the screen.


Working with the Provider List

The new Provider List gives schedulers more flexibility in viewing providers on schedules and assigning them to shifts. Selecting the provider icon in the tool bar opens the list.

When the list is open, it can be moved to a different area on the page by dragging and dropping.


Provider List Tool Bar

 Clears the checked provider(s) in the list.

  Collapses the list.

   Pins the list to the Schedule page. It will remain in the same spot when moving to a different month or location. If docked (i.e., closed) the pinned list will re-open in the same spot.

   Docks the list on the main tool bar.


Selecting a Provider

Open the Provider List and click once on a provider’s name. This becomes the “selected” provider who can be assigned to an open shift.

A provider once selected remains so even if the Provider List is collapsed or docked. The selected provider is visible in the information bar at the lower right corner of the page.

NOTE: With the Provider List docked, a new provider can be selected by holding down the S key on the keyboard and clicking the provider’s name on an assigned shift.


Assigning a Provider to an Open Shift

A selected provider can be assigned to an open shift three different ways.

Option #1: Use the Context Menu


Option #2: Drag and Drop


Option #3: A + Click

Hold down the A key on the keyboard and then click on an open shift. With the A key held down, a selected provider can be assigned to multiple shifts one at a time by clicking on each open shift.


Removing an Assigned Provider

There are two options for removing a provider assigned to a shift.

Option #1: Context Menu


Option #2: R + Click

Hold down the R key on the keyboard and then click on an assigned shift. With the R key held down, multiple providers can be removed from shifts one at a time by clicking on each assigned shift.


Provider Filter

Check the box next to a provider’s name to highlight the provider’s assignments in color on the Schedule. Multiple providers can be checked at the same time. (NOTE: The provider in blue in the list is the current “selected provider.”)

All other shift assignments can be filtered out by selecting the Show checked only option.


Requests Page

On the Requests page, the Provider drop-down list and Mass Update have been moved to the tool bar.

The Requests page also features a context-based menu to perform tasks. After selecting a provider from the drop-down, click a date on the calendar to display the menu and add an off or shift request.

NOTE: It is no longer necessary to click directly on the date number in the calendar to add a request; just click anywhere in the gray date bar.


Adding, Publishing and Updating Schedule Periods

Period Status (Period Not Defined; In Process; Published) is now displayed next to the Month and Year in the middle of the screen above the calendar. Above it is the new Period menu.

The Period menu allows you to quickly add, publish and update schedule periods. The Publish Period option automatically publishes the active period with one click.


User Profile

The new Profile area lets a user set custom defaults for the Scheduler View’s appearance and log-in page. The Profile is accessed where the user name is displayed at the upper right corner of the screen. (This is also where a user will sign out of Tangier.)



Time & Accounting Page


Navigating the Time & Accounting Page

Arrows for moving back and forth in the Time & Accounting report are located at the lower left corner, replacing the “next” and “previous” buttons. There also are new options for selecting a specific page and the number of shifts to display on each page.


Report Options

The Time & Accounting report now can be exported to Microsoft Word and Excel, or as a pdf file via the Export Options icons at the upper right of the page. The printer icon, which formats the Time & Accounting report for printing and e-mailing, has not been changed.