Multiple Shift Selection

 Multiple Shift Selection

By holding down the Control (CTRL) key on your keyboard, you can:

  • Assign a provider to more than one shift.
  • Remove a provider or providers from multiple shifts.
  • Quickly switch a provider or providers on assigned shifts.

Assign a Provider to Multiple Shifts

Select a provider from the list. While holding down CTRL, click on the shifts to which you want to assign the provider. When finished selecting, release CTRL and click on the last shift selected to bring up the context menu, and select Assign Provider.

Removing Multiple Providers

Hold down the Control key on the keyboard and click to select providers on the schedule. Click on any of the selected providers and select Remove Providers in the menu.

Swapping Providers

To move an assigned provider to a different open shift or swap two providers on the schedule, hold down Control and click on two different providers. Click again and the swap option appears in the menu.