Assigning Providers to Shifts

 Assigning Providers

Video Tutorial

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The Provider List gives schedulers flexibility in viewing providers on schedules and assigning them to shifts. Selecting the provider icon in the tool bar opens the list.

When the list is open, it can be moved to a different area on the page by dragging and dropping.

Provider List Tool Bar

    Clears the checked provider(s) in the list.

     Collapses the list.

    Pins the list to the Schedule page. It will remain in the same spot when moving to a different month or location. If docked (i.e., closed) the pinned list will re-open in the same spot.

     Docks the list on the tool bar.

Selecting a Provider

Open the Provider List and click once on a provider’s name. This becomes the “selected” provider who can be assigned to an open shift.

A provider once selected remains so even if the Provider List is collapsed or docked. The selected provider is visible in the information bar at the lower right corner of the page.

NOTE: With the Provider List docked, a new provider can be selected by holding down the S key on the keyboard and clicking the provider’s name on an assigned shift.


Assigning a Provider to an Open Shift

A selected provider can be assigned to an open shift three different ways.

Option #1: Use the Context Menu

Option #2: Drag and Drop

Option #3: A + Click

Hold down the A key on the keyboard and then click on an open shift. With the A key held down, a selected provider can be assigned to multiple shifts one at a time by clicking on each open shift.

Removing an Assigned Provider

There are two options for removing a provider assigned to a shift.

Option #1: Context Menu

Option #2: R + Click

Hold down the R key on the keyboard and then click on an assigned shift. With the R key held down, multiple providers can be removed from shifts one at a time by clicking on each assigned shift.


Multiple Shift Selection

By holding down the Control (CTRL) key on your keyboard, you can:

  • Assign a provider to more than one shift.
  • Remove a provider or providers from multiple shifts.
  • Quickly switch a provider or providers on assigned shifts.

Assign a Provider to Multiple Shifts

Select a provider from the list. While holding down CTRL, click on the shifts to which you want to assign the provider. When finished selecting, release CTRL and click on the last shift selected to bring up the context menu, and select Assign Provider.

Removing Multiple Providers

Hold down the Control key on the keyboard and click to select providers on the schedule. Click on any of the selected providers and select Remove Providers in the menu.

Swapping Providers

To move an assigned provider to a different open shift or swap two providers on the schedule, hold down Control and click on two different providers. Click again and the swap option appears in the menu.

Provider List Filter

Check the box next to a provider’s name to highlight the provider’s assignments in color on the schedule. Multiple providers can be checked at the same time. (NOTE: The provider highlighted in the list is the current “selected provider.”)

All other provider shift assignments can be filtered out by selecting the Show checked only option.

Provider Color Coding

When a provider is selected in the Provider List filter, Tangier automatically selects a color to highlight the provider on the schedule. The automatic color can be saved or a new one can be selected and saved using the custom color chart.

NOTE: A saved color has a black border around it:

Display Shift Group Counts

When the filter is expanded, a column showing the total number of shifts and hours for each provider will display. You can add columns that show counts for selected shift groups by clicking Displayed shift groups.

This opens a dialog from which you can select the shift groups you want to view.

Use the check boxes to view counts as the number of shifts, the number of hours, or both.

The Provider List can be sorted by any of the columns by clicking on the column header. The default sort is high to low. Note that the Open Shifts row always stays at the top of the list.

Filter by Practitioner Type

If a location or schedule group uses Practitioner Types to differentiate providers (e.g., MD, PA, Nocturnist, etc.), you can filter them through the drop-down menu to the right of the <All Providers> field. When a Practitioner Type is selected, only those providers with that type will display in the Provider List.


Eligible Providers

Eligible Providers allows a scheduler to see who might be available to work a shift. When a provider is selected from the Eligible Providers list, the provider’s current assignments will be highlighted on the schedule.