Adjusting Worked Hours

 Adjust Worked

Tangier has the capacity to track “planned” versus “worked” (or “actual”) hours through the Adjust Worked dialog box. Typically this feature is used after the shift has occurred to reflect the actual hours worked for Tangier financial and payroll reports.

Adjust Worked also can be used to add pay rate adjustments and bonuses.

Click on the shift you want to adjust and select Adjust Worked from the menu. (NOTE: A provider must be assigned to the shift for Adjust Worked to be active in the menu.)

The Adjust Worked dialog box will display.

Adjust a Provider’s Worked Hours

Check the Sign In for Provider box. This will allow you to adjust start and/or end times for the shift. (Planned hours are displayed at the upper right.)

When the hours are adjusted, the total hours of the shift are updated automatically. If a pay rate has been entered in Tangier, the total pay also will reflect the change.


Anything entered in the Comments field will appear on the Payroll Shift Comments and Compensation Detail reports, as well as on the Time & Accounting page as a tool tip.

Compensation Adjustments

Below the Compensation tab, you can override the hourly rate, gross pay, and (optional) payroll shift code. Note that overriding an hourly rate will calculate a new gross pay value. However, if the gross pay override box is checked, that value would not change.

In the Adjustments area, you can add a flat, hourly percentage, or hourly dollar amount to the shift.

Removing Adjust Worked Changes

To remove an Adjust Worked change, click on the shift and select Adjust Worked from the menu. The Adjust Worked dialog box will open with a Remove Adjustment button option.