Tangier’s industry-leading automatic scheduling produces an equitable balance of on-call shifts and daily office schedules for obstetricians and gynecologists. 


Optimize OB/GYN call schedules without impacting office/clinic hours, which will lead to better performance and satisfaction for the team.


Workable Schedules – Automatically build fair call and daily schedules allowing providers to balance work and family. Set group and individual provider preferences that span multiple areas to produce a proposed schedule quickly.

Schedule Management – Allow providers to swap shifts easily or fill open shifts quickly from any PC, smartphone, or tablet. 

Accessibility – Tangier’s Mobile app, texting options, and calendar sync features let providers easily access up-to-date schedules and manage scheduling tasks.

Ensure Shift Coverage –Tangier allows you to control off time to ensure sufficient coverage for scheduling needs.

Payroll and Reporting – Utilizing the various time and accounting reports makes the payroll process efficient and seamless.

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