New! Request Cut-Off Setting

Schedulers can now set the cut-off date for provider off and shift requests to a specific number of days prior to the start date of a schedule period.

This new feature is designed for locations with schedule periods that do not begin on the first day of a calendar month. It allows the scheduler to not worry about creating new periods in advance in order to adjust the cut-off date.

Here’s an example:

A location with 4-week schedule periods had set its Tangier default cut-off date to the “15th day, 2 months prior.” At times, two periods might begin in the same month and therefore, have the same cut-off date – e.g., periods begin on July 2 and July 30, with May 15 being the cut-off date for both.

With this new feature, the location can now set the request cut-off to exactly 45 days prior, so the July 2 period’s cut-off would be May 18, July 30 period’s cut-off would be June 15, and so on.

To change a request cut-off date in the Tangier Sky Scheduler View:

  1. Go to the Location page.
  2. Select the General tab.
  3. Click the Schedule bar to display the options.
  4. Select the radio button and enter the number of days.
  5. Click Save.

For locations that are part of a schedule group, the cut-off for all can be updated to the same date via the Group page General tab under Provider Limits.

Contact Tangier Support at 800-392-3298, ext. 109, or, if you need help changing the default cut-off date for provider requests.