NEW! Latest Updates - August

Here are the new features and enhancements in Tangier’s latest release:

Tangier Sky Scheduler View 4.9.11

Provider Off Requests added by administrators can now be set to any desired status.
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Provider Information Report added to the Organization Reports menu.

Up/down arrow keyboard shortcuts for the Provider List now changes the selected (assignable) provider.

Shift Comments are now visible by “mousing over” the shift.

Shift Details page now includes Location Contact Information.

Composite Location Schedule Report now has separate options to show Provider Hours and Resource Type Percentages.

Tangier Email now has CC and BCC fields for Carbon Copy and Blind Copy recipients, and an option to show “Hidden Providers” as recipients.

New options for the First Shift Worked Report (Standard and Organization report menus):

  • First Worked at Each Location: Shows multiple rows for the first shift worked at each location for a provider. The standard option shows only the date of the first shift worked across all locations.
  • Sort by Provider: Changes the standard Shift Date and Provider sort to Provider and Shift Date.

The following Organization Reports now include data from inactive locations for improved accuracy:

  • Total Shifts Worked by Provider
  • Off Requests
  • First Shift Worked
  • Shift Over\Under Hours
  • Shift Offers
  • Compensation Adjustments

Tangier Sky Provider View 4.9.11

Shift Comments designated as “provider viewable” by an administrator will display in Shift Details and by “mousing over” the assigned shift on the Personal Calendar.