Emergency Medicine

Tangier is the easy-to-use software that gives emergency departments the tools to create fair schedules fast.  


Balance the staffing needs of your emergency department with the schedule demands of your providers.


Ensure fairness – Limit the number of weekends, nights and other shifts that your providers are assigned each schedule period.

Maximize flexibility and minimize open shifts – Preferences can be set as “breakable” rules that give you more options in completing your schedule.

Control schedule requests –Customize the Tangier Web Personal Calendar user interface to allow providers more (or less) responsibility for making off and shift requests.

Improve turnaround times – Set rules to ensure no disruptions to your providers’ circadian rhythms.

Prioritize shifts – Make sure your toughest shifts are filled first; set limits on off requests for specific kinds of shifts.

Combine scheduling types – Use Tangier’s auto-scheduling feature in tandem with manual assignments.

Template scheduling for the ED – If one, two or all of your providers work rotationally, templates can be created that allow you quick and easy automatic scheduling.

Tangier is the scheduling software used by more emergency departments than any other. Contact us and tell us about your scheduling needs. We know Tangier will be the perfect solution for your ED, scheduler and providers.

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