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QGenda Acquires Tangier

  • Automated scheduling leaders join forces
  • #1 Cloud-Based Solution adds #1 in EM
  • Combined company grows to 2,500 customers, 170,000 providers
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The Most Trusted Shift Scheduling Software

  • Top choice of Emergency Medicine and Hospitalist schedulers
  • Save time with automated rules-based scheduling
  • Easily manage provider schedule requests
  • Access your schedule from anywhere
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Scheduling Has Never Been Easier and More Accurate

  • Automated rules-based scheduling
  • Schedule request management/automation
  • Full reporting
  • Simplified provider communication
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Scheduling Software Designed For:

  • Emergency Departments
  • Hospitalists
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • EM Residency Programs
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View Your Schedule Quickly and Easily From Any Device

  • View shift assignments
  • Make schedule requests
  • Make swap requests
  • Mobile access from any device
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Dedicated Support and Training

  • One-on-one training for schedulers
  • Unlimited ongoing support
  • Video and print tutorials
  • Easy-to-access help for providers
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Affordable Rates, Rapid Deployment

  • Monthly fee based on number of providers, shifts
  • No additional fees for support or upgrades
  • We perform the initial set-up for you
  • You could be using Tangier within 2 weeks
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Our Clients

What Our Clients Say

With the providers utilizing Tangier, my time can be spent focusing on more difficult scheduling needs."
— Michelle Pitrolo, Scheduler
As one physician told me when we introduced Tangier, 'This program is terrific! I can be out with friends and make plans because I have constant access to my schedule and my schedule requests. I love it!'"
— David J. Stuchiner, MD, Central Maine Medical Center
With Tangier, we have a turnkey solution that fits easily into our existing technology infrastructure. Maintenance requirements are minimal. The user-friendly interface means that support needs are practically nonexistent."
— Justin Schaper, CIO, PSR-MedicalEdge Healthcare Group Inc.
The Tangier Technical Support Team have been very supportive in both our needs and our client needs."
— Jean Wood, Scheduler
This system is so amazing and is going to be so wonderful for everyone involved. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help.
— Beth Clawges, Operations Coordinator, MedExpress